• World’s first fully integrated marketing and payments device brings online experience in-store
  • YelloPad is an android phablet and platform device incorporating ordering, payment, browsing and marketing
  • Announces first partnership with Yoyo Wallet
  • Bricks and mortar retailers competing for the best in-store experience can now offer customers best service without long queues – 2017 analyst predictions say retailers will compete to get closer to their customers through experience based platforms

CANNES —  29 November, 2016: YelloPad, a revolutionary third-generation payment terminal, has just been unveiled at Trustech (formerly Cartes).

Co-created by payment experts, Mike Ausems and Daniel Maurice-Vallerey, and backed by former deputy CEO of Visa Europe, Philippe Menier, YelloPad is a fully integrated payments and marketing platform, highly flexible for both fixed and mobile usage, indoor and outdoor, and for a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare and loyalty. Up until now, merchants have used separate point-of-sale systems that integrate with a third-party application or device to accept payments. Now, with YelloPad, a merchant need only use one single phablet device to deliver ordering, queue busting, marketing, customer browsing and of course, payment capabilities.

Last month, Forrester released a report predicting the ways in which the customer dynamic is set to change in 2017. Among the predictions was that one-third of companies in the B2C space will begin changing their business structure to get closer to the customer and effectively compete on the basis of experiences.

Mike Ausems, co-Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Yello, says the next generation of payment terminals will enable businesses to get closer to their customers than ever before.

“Assisted sales and the phasing out of central cashiers are the tip of the iceberg of an on-going revolution in face-to-face checkout. Payments need to be quick, simple, secure and painless leaving the sales associate free to extend their relationship with the consumer who can then engage on their own terms – whether that be simply ordering and paying, getting attractive offers, browsing relevant apps and being rewarded in a way that is individually meaningful. We have created an affordable solution that payment processors, merchants, developers and consumers can use to increase revenues, reduce costs, share apps and provide feedback.”

The same Forrester report said that CEOs and business leads will, in 2017, start to come to terms with the deep-rooted changes necessary to win in a customer-led and digital-centric market. Daniel Maurice-Vallerey – Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, adds:

“Up until now, it hasn’t really been possible to deliver the rich checkout experience at the point of sale that retailers and consumers are now demanding. Also current PIN entry shielding solutions are awkward and we have focused on that. Payment terminals have been disconnected from the rich, open Android application ecosystem. We wanted to offer acquirers and merchants a convenient platform for innovative value added services at point of sale. In addition, no easy way existed to buy and integrate a bankcard terminal, at scale, with a plug and play approach, and we have addressed that too.”.

Yello is currently in discussions under NDA with leading names in retail, hospitality, healthcare and loyalty.  With the power of data implicit in this new integrated point-of-sale, it is no coincidence that the first partnership being announced today is with Yoyo Wallet, the leading rewards and loyalty player who recently partnered with UK coffee chain, Caffe Nero.

Alain Falys, Co-Founder and CEO, Yoyo Wallet, says, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Yello, a leader in multipurpose terminals. For Yoyo Wallet, innovation around mobile transactions should go beyond just payment, and Yello does just that, creating a better in-store experience for both brands and their customers. That’s why it makes perfect sense that the first app running on the YelloPad platform (Yello app store) is Yoyo Accept.”

At the beginning of 2017 YelloPads will go through the required approvals and certifications, including EMV and PCI PTS security standards. Starting in April YelloPads will be gradually rolled out to acquirers and merchants.

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About Yello

Yello’s first device and platform, the YelloPad, defines the new generation of payment terminals: secure, simple, powerful, open, with universal payment acceptance and at an affordable price. With its game-changing architecture and applications it’s perfect for both fixed and mobile use.  YelloPad is designed for a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare and loyalty, benefitting acquirers, merchants and consumers. YelloPad brings face-to-face marketing and payments together for the first time.

Sold by leading acquirers, and online at www.yelloco.com, to help merchants deliver an improved customer experience and increased sales.

Yello was founded in 2015 by payments industry experts Mike Ausems and Daniel Maurice Vallerey.

For more information go to http://www.yelloco.com

About Mike Ausems – Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

  • Co-founder, deputy CEO of YouTransactor. His breakthrough SK20 mobile payment smartphone won the 2009 first prize for industrial design and is deployed worldwide, including London & Stockholm public transport, Swiss and Belgian railways, Thalys, French Police, New York State Lottery.
  • Director of Business Development and Global Line Manager Mobile Products at Ingenico, where he created the i8550, the first mobile payment enterprise computer.
  • Founder of Palo Alto-based Smartphone maker BodyCom Technologies.
  • Creater of the revolutionary Dolphin 7200 —over 400,000 units deployed by USPS— for Hand Held Products, now part of Honeywell – and created Dolphin 7400, deployed by FedEx Ground.
  • Mike is a Graduate of the Delft University of Technology (MSc.) in the Netherlands.

About Daniel Maurice-Vallerey – Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

  • Co-founder Yoyo Wallet.
  • Founder PPT (SWIFT solution sold to Clear2Pay, now part of the Clear2Pay product line).
  • Founder GenPlus (Card back office sold to ACI, now part of ACI product line).
  • Founder Swiss Card Processing (operations now part of TSYS).
  • Senior Consultant for the payments schemes, international banks and key players in the payments industry.
  • Daniel attended ESPCI, a French Technology School and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin (MBA).

About Philippe Menier, lead investor, Yello

Philippe’s background includes:

  • Associate director, A T Kearney
  • Advisor to Antelop, Neowave, Yello
  • Deputy CEO Visa Europe
  • Sales Director, Citibank US
  • CFO, Diners Club

Philippe is a graduate of Solvay Brussels School.