Yello announced today that its new Android Y7 SmartPOS solution is certified with Redsys, the leading payment processor in Spain, and that Yello is now a part of the Redsys Geminis program.


Paris—July 16, 2020: “With the certification in place, our all-in-one innovative Y7 solution readily available to banking customers in Spain is another critical milestone for Yello. In the fast-changing acquiring world, it allows customers to quickly offer value-added services to their merchants. In addition, via the Redsys marketplace, we make available a set of business applications that use Yello’s patented YelloCloud™ open browser technology, allowing these business applications to reside in the cloud, yet, uniquely, within the PCI PTS security framework. An approach that is much more flexible than traditional, embedded applications” – says Daniel Maurice-Vallerey, Cofounder and Co-CEO.


“We are pleased to announce that the Y7 solution is fully Redsys L3 certified for Visa, MasterCard and Amex, in the Spanish market. This certification means that, from today, over 80% of the Spanish banks can start using our Y7 solution. Our first live pilot, for hospitality, begins this summer in Sevilla, with a leading acquirer. Our second live pilot, with another major acquirer, takes place this fall in Galicia. It is the proof of concept for a new generation retail store. In Germany and Netherlands, we are completing the required L3 certifications, including Girocard and Discover, for deployments in pharmacies, healthcare, restaurants, and e-government, accompanied by a significant order volume. This traction proves that our best-in-class Android Y7 solution perfectly meets retailers’ needs for new high-end customer experience, increased productivity, and value-added services. It is the future for business services and payments, both attended and, increasingly, in the light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, unattended solutions.” – says Mike Ausems, Cofounder and Co-CEO.  


“We are proud to have completed the very demanding certification process. We are now in a position to work closely with leading acquirers in Spain resulting in key deployments in the Restaurant, Retail, and Hotel verticals. Additionally, we are offering, with Woonivers, a digitalized instant VAT-refund solution to acquirers and merchants. Our Y7 solution offers the glue that brings together the customers and merchants around unique value-added services, enabled by our solutions. These services will help take back the bank acquiring business to the profitability levels of its peak years” – says Alessandro Tedoldi, Head of Sales, Southern Europe.


About Yello

Founded by Daniel Maurice-Vallerey and Mike Ausems, globally recognized experts in payment solutions, who previously did work for Honeywell, Ingenico, SumUp, VISA and MasterCard, Yello ( is headquartered in Paris, with offices in Madrid and Cairo.


Yello’s mission is to build technically sophisticated, yet for our users simple-to-use, open tools and payment services to help with in-person service and sales. We transform the in-person payment experience, with an all-in-one merchant terminal that is mobile and fixed, attended or unattended, that makes it easy to integrate business applications and accepts any payment method to enable a fully personalized, Amazon-like in-person e-comm experience.


Yello solutions are perfectly suited for restaurants, pharmacies, medical & beauty, retail and public transportation services.


YelloCloud™ open browser technology makes it possible for the business applications to reside in the cloud, within the PCI PTS security framework. Our YelloAPI-based YelloCloud covers the complete set of payment, non-payment and TMS functions.


Yello accepts universal payments methods EMV contact, contactless, QR codes and magstripe cards. Yello’s solutions also support all special non-EMV contactless cards for verticals such as healthcare and public transportation.


Yello media contacts: Daniel Maurice-Vallerey & Mike Ausems, Cofounders and Co-CEOs, via